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Feelings are what you get for thinking the way you do.

It seems like we live in a world governed more and more by feelings, doesn’t it? Since so much hinges on them, it would be pretty helpful to know where they come from. Well, this quote sums it up best.

In Business:

Always remember that people buy based on emotion, then use logic to justify the purchase.

A middle-aged man wants that red sports car purely for emotional reasons, but he’ll tell himself (and his wife) how much better gas mileage he’ll get, how they’ll have more room in the garage, and so on.

In Life:

You are in complete control of how you feel. In fact, you’re manufacturing your feelings as you go through your day.

Did you have one of those Play-Doh Fun Factories as a kid? You put the star-shaped template in front of the hole, push the lever and viola — little stars would ooze out while you cut them with a plastic knife. You could make squares, half-moons and other shapes, too.

Well, your thoughts are the templates for your feelings. In the Fun Factory of your mind, you select the template you wish to apply to completely neutral, malleable events of your life. Press the lever and here come the corresponding feelings oozing out, based on the thought-template you selected.

So the next time you’re feeling bad, pick a different thought template and re-run those original thoughts through your mind again. I guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

So remember…

Feelings are what you get for thinking the way you do.

— Marylin vos Savant

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