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More Money. Less Stress.

Do you have a
private practice?

Would you like
more money
and less stress?

It’s time to
adapt and thrive…

Who we are…

Simple Secrets is a profit and growth consultancy based in Asheville, North Carolina, with team members around the world.

Perhaps you’ve heard of us…

Simple Secrets founder, Chris Allen, has been featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, on CNBC and many other news outlets.

What we do…

We collaborate with a select group of private practitioners looking to:

  • Boost Revenue (significantly).
  • Eliminate Distractions and Overwhelm.
  • Create More Freedom, Focus, and Fulfillment For Themselves.

What do we mean by “private practitioner?”

Usually, that’s a small business owner who’s earned the distinction of having letters after their name.

If that’s you…