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What I Know About Drilling Teeth… YOU Know About Marketing.

You’re a professional.  So am I.  

You devoted years of study and hard work to develop your knowledge and skills.  Me, too.

I would NEVER attempt to perform dental procedures on people.  

Please STOP wasting your money and time trying to promote your dental practice online.

Instead, allow me to send you a quick, 5-minute video for FREE.  

I’d like to show you how a small bump in three vital areas of your business can literally DOUBLE YOUR REVENUE.

Enter your email address below, and I’ll send you the video right now…

Chris Allen, founder of Simple Secrets, has has been featured on CNBC, USA Today, The Boston Globe, KNX/Los Angeles and many others.

3 Ways I’ll Grow Your Dental Practice…


Leads are the fuel that power the engine of your business.No matter the size and potential of the engine you’ve built, nothing happens without leads.We make generating leads online as easy as turning on the water faucet.


Your relationship with your client begins before they walk in your door, and before they call you on the phone.The moment they become aware of you online — whether it’s your website or through social media — that relationship meter starts ticking.We make sure it’s great right from the start.


In order to serve your clients better than anyone else in your market, your business must have marketing systems that can be measured, refined and duplicated.We put systems in place that allow you to leverage the Internet, and build your “perfect little money machine.”


“Since working with Chris and his team at Simple Secrets, my referral rate has MORE THAN DOUBLED!  Even better, I now market to my “Ideal Client,” which means I’m helping people who truly appreciate my services.  The complainers, penny-pinchers and time-wasters are gone!”

— Megan Day, CCRP

Discover how a small bump in three vital areas will DOUBLE YOUR REVENUE.

Watch the 5-minute video I’m going to send you right now…

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