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Thu, Sept 24 | Nothing Means Anything Until You…

If I were a psychologist, my specialty would definitely be Cognitive Psychology, which this quote from Steve Chandler pretty much sums up in just a few words.

CP focuses on the way we process outside information.

When we apply faulty reasoning, invalid assumptions, and misconceptions to otherwise neutral events, we end up with “cognitive distortions.”

Examples are “all-or-nothing” thinking, over-generalizations, and jumping to conclusions.

The best book I’ve found on the subject is Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by Dr. David D. Burns.

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6 Things About Simple Secrets and its founder, Chris Allen:

  • Simple Secrets collaborates with a hand-selected group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent practitioners – doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians, CPAs, etc. – to maximize their incomes, allowing them more well-deserved focus, freedom and fulfillment.
  • Simple Secrets was founded in 2015 by award-winning direct response marketer, entrepreneur, and consultant Chris Allen.
  • In the pre-Internet 90’s, Chris developed and marketed millions of dollars worth of physical products on radio and TV – the old “operators are standing by” days – then used his time-tested warchest of successful marketing methods to go completely digital in 2002, when the Internet began to mature.
  • For over a decade, Chris provided information and consulting services to a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including United Airlines, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sony, LexisNexis and The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
  • When he’s not online, helping clients, Chris enjoys playing way too much Pickleball, and eating way too much pizza.

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