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To worry is to pray for what you don’t want.


Like most of us, I’m prone to worrying.  Keep this little gem in your mental back pocket and use it when you sense yourself getting carried away.

In Business:

I mentioned before the concept of your mind being a “reality projector.”  Worry is an endless loop of negative movies played over and over in your mind.

Having a worrisome, fear-based, scarcity mindset in your business is not a recipe for success.  What’s the best way to overcome it?  Here’s what I’ve found works best for me:

1.  Set an overall business goal.

2.  Divide it into smaller, milestone goals that you’ll reach along the way, like rungs on a ladder.

3.  Focus only on the action you need to take to get to the next rung.

4.  Don’t look up at all the rungs you have left to climb, and don’t look down at how high you are, either.  Just check your progress and take the next “action step” to advance one rung.

In Life:

Eliminate worry by dividing all events into two categories: things you can control and things you can’t.

With things you can control, stop the worry by actually doing something about it — even a small step.  Action dissolves worry.  It’s like flipping the closet switch to reveal there really is no monster.

When it comes to the other category, things you can’t control, you need to accept the fact it’s out of your hands.  Any energy you put into wishing it were otherwise is a complete waste.

Accepting the way things are will help you make peace with them.

So remember…

To worry is to pray for what you don’t want.

— Dr. Deepak Chopra

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